Iconic Ferrari artists move into electric bike design alongside Accell Group’s Diavelo

Pinifarina, the designers responsible for bringing a number of Ferrari designs to the drawing board, have joined the growing ranks of those with an automotive background moving into electric bikes.

Shown at Eurobike and subsequently scooping one of the show’s awards, the design house paired with the Accell Group-owned Diavelo to create the build.

The 16kg E-voluzione is, as you might diaveloexpect a sight to behold, with the top model blending a carbon fibre frame with a fully integrated and removable 500Wh Panasonic battery. A Brose motor is further integrated into the frame, while clean lines are maintained by a custom Gates belt drive and eight-speed Shimano gearhub.

According to the website, three models are set to form the range; a cruiser, middle of the road build and sporty version. Prices as yet haven’t been revealed, though the firm’s website offers contact for sales and distribution enquiries.

“Evoluzione represents a perfect synthesis of our spirit: sporty character and eco-friendly soul,” offers Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Group. “Sporty and dynamic, (this is) a harmonic bike able to guarantee high performances and great comfort”.

India’s Tech Mahindra, an information technology firm with numerous Fortune 500 companies on its books and revenues in excess of $4 billion in the past year, has a controlling stake in Pininfarina. The business has increasingly shown interest in eco-concious mobility.