Australian Government invests “seriously” in cycling business growth for “first time”

Bicycle Industries Australia has revealed a new Government funding channel for grassroots bicycle mechanic training, which will be delivered in line with Cytech guidelines, reports BicyclingTrade.

Delivered via the Business Industry Skills Fund, the pot of $200,000 isn’t the biggest you’ll hear of, but is notable in that it’s “the first serious federal funding of the bicycle industry ever”, writes Phil Latz.

Barring minor spend on things such as the National Cycling Strategy, the cycling business in Australia has been largely ignored to date.

The BIA’s Peter Bourke, who is also the general manager of industry advocacy effort Cycling Promotion Fund, said the funding has been a long time coming.

“This has actually been a four year process,” he told the title. “The money will be spent on funding the training of mechanics for bicycle retailers across Australia, covering approximately 50% to 60% of the cost of training.”

Having consulted the UK’s Association of Cycle Traders, the Cytech training platform will now be exported to Australia, with courses costing $1,500 for a two-week itinerary. Shops will pay at most $750 of the total cost thanks to the funding grant.

Initially the training will focus on Melbourne, but is likely to expand first to Queensland and then beyond. A tender for the course facilitator is now out.

Dealers interested in Cytech curses can contact for more information.