Barnett Bicycle Institute to debut e-Bike courses this summer

The Barnett Bicycle Institute is to introduce a specific course to train up those dabbling in the electric bike market with a course that will launch in June of this year.

In a statement, BBI said: “We are very excited to be diving in to this new territory. We recognise there are barriers that prevent some retailers from selling and servicing e-Bikes. We designed this class to help remove as many of those barriers as possible so shops can start to capture what’s proving to be a growing revenue stream.”

The class will cover a wide range of topics from the e-Bike classification system, workshop setup and safety, electronics fundamentals, to systems overviews from major suppliers.

The initial class offering in June will be a supplement to the Bicycle Repair and Overhaul course and enrollment will be limited to BBI students or graduates, and present or past bicycle industry professionals.

E-Bike Fundamentals will take place over 3.5 days, running June 25th to 28th.

To sign up for the class or for questions, please contact BBI via email here, or on (US) 719-632-5173