Barristers say Cycle Superhighways will put Hollywood film revenue at risk

London’s Cycle Superhighways have faced plenty of opposition in the past, but City barristers might just have come up with the strangest complaint so far.

According to CityAM, members of the Middle and Inner Temple, two of four inns of court, have reportedly said that plans for cycling routes between Tudor Street and New Bridge Street will threaten both their ability to function, as well as put Hollywood production at risk.

Court campaigners have now also reportedly written to local residents asking them to voice the same concerns.

“The scheme is unnecessary and would threaten the Temple as an international film venue. Harry Potter, Mission Impossible and Silk have all been filmed here. This is just one aspect that is helping generate revenues for the City of London,” Gregory Jones QC told CityAM.

“We are in the process of being fenced in,” added Baroness Butler-Sloss.

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