Bike Shop Girl blog becomes Empower Adventure

Popular cycling blog Bike Shop Girl, as written by Arleigh Jenkins a former QBP rep, pro-mechanic and bike shop manager, has evolved into Empower Adventure.

In an email to subscribers, Jenkins said “In the past 3 years my life, interest, and views of “adventure” have changed. I don’t live solely for the bike anymore, and I believe I am a better person for that. The Bike Shop Girl community has been a catch-all for where my interest lie in a mix of active family living that includes cycling, hiking, and exploring.

“This shift really came to a head in early 2015 when my family welcomed our first child into the world. I fell out of love with the cycling industry by simply thinking about raising a little girl around the same foolishness I grew up in. I also started really vocalizing what I viewed were the broken pieces in hopes to bring light to the problems.”

Empower Adventure will now look beyond just cycling into outdoor opportunities, in particular family-friendly adventures with a ‘real life’ feel. Jenkins has said that while she will continue to produce cycling content, you’ll also now find articles on things as diverse as geocaching, camping and even zoos. Product reviews will continue to feature.

In signing off, Jenkins said: “My end hope is to create a site that fuels someone (including myself!) to go a little further, think outside the box, and find a daily adventure that brings them joy. Thank you for joining me in this next chapter of life!”