Bike shop marketing agency Shift Up Strategies goes live

Arleigh Greenwald has gone live with a new bike shop marketing business dubbed Shift Up Strategies.

A 15-year marketing agency professional, founder of bike shop and trail finder portal Bike Here, noted bike biz blogger and now producer of the Shift Up Podcast as hosted by CI.N, Greenwald has spent the past 18 months helping friends within bike shops enhance their presence as proof of concept ahead of going live this week.

“Shift up means to shift your business into a harder gear. My goal is to teach, lead, and empower businesses in the bike industry to understand the basics of marketing, and to keep them up to date on the things that could affect their operations ROI the most,” explains Greenwald.

Utlising the “Build a Better Bike Industry” tagline, alongside the #betterbikeindustry hashtag attached to the weekly podcast, Greenwald’s services again are designed to help bike businesses evolve alongside changing consumer buying habits and develop a strategy that encompasses social media, email marketing, house content creation and even event marketing.

“After spending the last year managing a bike industry brand, Bike Law, I realized my greatest strengths and passions are those pieces that most small business owners do not want to deal with, but keep them up at night. Call me a creative operations officer, but I love marketing, creating processes, training, marketing calendars, and distilling big data into digestible reports with actionable steps to follow,” says Greenwald.

Having provided such services to Fortune 500 companies, the Shift Up team is now offering bike retailers a free consultation, bookable here.

“Our clients include change makers of bike shops, brands, and even urban planners. We are helping them dial in their messaging, product and service offering to not just sell to people, but to help solve their biking problems. Our services include business and marketing plans, target persona creation, in-store training, web design, event production, and so much more,” concludes Greenwald.