Bike shop’s #buyonlinefitlocal campaign designed to lure lost online trade goes viral

Ireland’s MBW bike shop has launched a campaign under the hashtag #buyonlinefitlocal in a bid to tackle head on the loss of trade to online discount sales.

Creating a promotional video that has in 19 hours headed north of 130 shares the Maigh Cuilinn store is fast reaching new customers with its message.

“We’ve all seen those great deals on line with unbelievable savings on bikes and components. Now local bike shops can’t compete with that and all too often we hear of local bike shops closing down. We understand that you want to get the best value for money  so that’s why we started our #buyonlinefitlocal campaign,” says the video.

Emphasising that a bike running smoothly and safely will be key to the user’s overall experience the shop adds: “Don’t be afraid to stop by next time you buy something online.”

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