Bristol bike shop celebrates 25th anniversary

Bristol-based bike shop Mud Dock Cycleworks and cafe is celebrating 25 years in the business, having sold a total of 12,000 bikes since the shop was founded.

Co-founders Beverly and Jerry Arron held a celebratory event last Friday to thank suppliers and employees who have been part of the IBD’s growth over the years.

Once isolated in an empty part of the city, the Mud Dock is today a landmark of the Bristol indie scene located on the city’s floating harbour. Over the years, the shop has enjoyed accolades and reviews from national papers and welcomed high profile guests through its doors.

In 2006, the Arrans opened a pioneering bike shed, workshop and showering facility in collaboration with Bristol council to encourage more people to switch to a bike for their commute.

“There have been glittering highs and brutal lows, but I’m so proud of what we’ve built, and the great friends we’ve made,” said Beverly Arran. “I remember selling a cup of tea to our first customer, back in 1994, as though it were yesterday. It was so strange after months of paying contractors to finally have someone offering me money – I almost turned it down!

“It’s been thrilling to watch the cycling community in Bristol grow around us, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.”


Hayley Everett

Multimedia Reporter

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