Brompton re-launch 2022 bike line up

Brompton has announced the launch of its 2022 range where its folding bike will now be available in A Line, C Line and Electric C Line. This change comes as the company gears up for another significant year, expecting to sell over 100,000 bikes.

The new range will replace over 40 years of product naming by bike specification, with ‘Lines’ and models which are centred around user needs.

The A line features the essential Brompton- The one-size-fits-all foldable bike with a hand-brazed folding steel frame finished in Gloss White. The bike has 3 hub-gears tuned for city riding, and a mid-rise handlebar for a comfortable upright ride. The A Line comes without mudguards or a luggage carrier, which can be added if required.

The C Line is Brompton’s classic all-steel folding bike designed for city riding. With hand-brazed steel frame and forks, the C Line is available in Urban, Utility and Explore versions to meet different rider needs:

C Line Urban – A minimalist, straightforward and lighter option for riders. With two gears, the bike is lighter to both ride and carry, making it ideal for hybrid journeys involving public transport.

C Line Utility – A three-speed steel bike with a hub gear. The gears sealed inside are protected from city grit and water, meaning less maintenance. The gears can also be changed when stationary.

C Line Explore –  Equipped with 6 gears, this bike can be loaded with luggage and a rack for all-weather commutes or longer touring trips further afield.

All Brompton C Line bikes are available with three types of handlebar; low, mid, and high, as well as three different seat post lengths. Luggage carrier block and mudguards fitted as standard.

The Electric C Line folds down into a compact package that can be tucked under the desk at work or on the train. The lightweight battery pack can be removed with one click and charged in just four hours.

Delivering pedal-assist technology based on information from the smart sensor, the integrated 250w hub motor utilises Formula E racing car technology to deliver both performance and portability over a range of 25-50 miles (dependent on user and conditions).

Electric C Line Urban – With a simple 2-gear set up, this bike is designed for hybrid journeys and fast paced commuting as it’s lighter to ride, lighter to carry and easier to maintain.

 Electric C Line Explore – This bike is equipped with 6 gears and can be loaded with luggage and a rack, ideal for longer touring trips.

Joel Natale, Head of Product Management at Brompton said:  ‘’Brompton owners rarely describe themselves as ‘cyclists’, they use their Brompton as a magic carpet to move freely across the city and it was evident through our research that prospective customers found it challenging to navigate the Brompton range.

‘’For over 40 years our product naming, like most of the wider cycling industry, has centred around the product specification as opposed to focusing on the people who use our bikes. I’m excited to see the new Brompton Lines out in the world, providing an easier way for our future customers to find the perfect Brompton for them.”

Will Butler-Adams OBE, CEO at Brompton said: “16 million combinations, with acronyms that make sense to engineers and Brompton aficionados but do very little to help a new customer chose the right bike. So after much research, deliberation and debate we are redefining the Brompton range around how it can fit in to your life.

‘’We hope this will resonate with the growing community who are interested in cycling and will also lay the foundations for our future product development.”

The full range can be found at