UPDATED: Chinese e-Bikes to be registered with provisional duties applied, shows draft EC documents

Draft documents published on the European Commission’s trade portal has confirmed that registration on e-Bike imports from China are now in the pipeline alongside provisional anti-dumping duties to be applied.

Published on April 24th, the “Implementation Regulation C(2018)2543/1” by the Directorate General for Trade of the European Commission set the wheels in motion for the updated trade policy. It must be stressed that, as it stands, the documents are draft regulations which only become effective when published in the European Official Journal.

Bike-Eu spoke this week to both the EBMA, which prompted the action and the Collective of European Electric Bicycles, which opposed such measures, hearing that the draft regulation will only firm up in the next few weeks, at which point we will know the exact detail of tariffs.

LEVA-EU, a backer of the Collective told CI.N: “Even if registration is implemented, nothing is lost yet. For registration to result in retroactive collection, provisional duties need to be imposed. The decision on provisional duties is only expected around 20th July. But for provisional duties to be (retroactively) collected, the Commission has to decide on definitive duties. And that decision is expected somewhere between 20th October and 20th January.”

With this in mind, the fight against new regulations and tariffs will continue.

As and when these changes come to fruition the outcome will result in higher-priced electric bikes landed from China. Though CI.N’s recent Independent Retail Channel Study suggests the average sale price for e-Bikes is higher than many in the UK may believe, the entry-level bracket (£750 through to £1,500) represents an enormous quantity of sales. Import data suggests these bikes are likely largely derived from China.

It is now expected that definitive detail on the level of dumping duty will be made public at least by January 20th of 2019. It is noted that once the regulation moves beyond draft from and is cemented into legislature that retroactive collection of provisional anti-dumping duties on Chinese sourced e-Bikes may begin.

Read the full story here. The EC document relating to changes can be requested in full here.

CI.N’s Independent Retail Channel Study, which goes into great detail on UK bike retail trends and forecasts, will soon be available to purchase and interested parties can enquire now by emailing us here.