Shops given early access as CyclingIndustry.News’ Independent Retail Channel Study 2018 goes live

Looking to plug a hole for a data hungry market, CyclingIndustry.News’ 2018 Independent Retail Channel Study, in association with the Cycle Show at the NEC, Sep 2018, is now live.

Building on what proved to be a fruitful study of the market in 2017, this year’s survey comes with an added perk for independent bicycle retailers; this time around those who complete the survey will be the first to receive the data in pdf form.

As a further incentive, we’re also offering up a handful of chances to scoop prizes, including speciality workshop tooling and a round of beers on us!

At 28 questions long, you’ll have to bear with us; our ambition is to make this the deepest study of the UK’s independent bicycle retail market to date. The resulting data, for those who are not participating, will be published throughout the remainder of the year in our Trade Journal, for which verified UK trade members can subscribe here.

We ask that you only complete the survey if you run an independent bike retail business. With a mix of voluntary and mandatory questions, most of which are multiple choice tick boxes, the survey should take no more than 10 minutes. (There is a small and unavoidable glitch on some browsers when users hit next that starts you at the base of the next page. If this affects you, please just scroll upwards.)

To participate and benefit from early access to the findings, click here. We thank you for your collaboration in creating solid data for the cycling market!