CIN Podcast: Discussing Europe with SRAM’s James Leader

On this week’s episode of the CyclingIndustry.News Podcast, we’re joined by SRAM’s James Leader, the brand’s Territory Account Manager for the UK, Ireland, the Benelux and the Nordics.

Leader discusses the current ‘tough’ climate of the bike market in the UK, and highlights a number of ways the different territories he manages can learn from each other to boost cycling numbers.

Speaking positively of the UK market, Leader said: “There are some pockets of real encouragement. There are some really good developments in the gravel market currently but strong growth in the e-Bike segment also, as well as the marathon and cross-country mountain biking seeming to be making a fairly good comeback, which is encouraging.”

And when comparing the rise of e-Bikes in Europe with the comparatively slow take-up in the UK, Leader offered: “Where the disconnect is between the UK and the other territories I manage in northern Europe is culturally people in northern Europe are used to commuting on regular bicycles and what e-Bikes have delivered for those consumers are a faster, more efficient way to get to work.

“This is massively supported through infrastructure, and that’s where the UK is very much behind most of mainland Europe.”

During the conversation, Leader also hinted at a number of new developments on the way this year from SRAM, saying fans of the brand would have, “an interesting year on that front.”

Listen to the rest of what Leader has to say on the UK, Ireland, Benelux & Nordic markets, and for an exclusive nod towards when we can expect new releases from the brand, via the below:




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