Cycling UK rues Scotland’s ‘tremendously disappointing’ missed 10% bike journey target

Cycling UK has expressed disappointment after Transport Secretary Michael Matheson revealed yesterday the vision of 10% of everyday journeys in Scotland to be made by bike, by 2020, will not be met.

The 10% vision was a key aim for the cycling Action Plan for Scotland published in 2010, and despite stating to the Scottish government the target would not be met, Matheson did not announce any additional funding for cycling.

Jim Densham, Cycling UK’s Campaigns and Policy Manager for Scotland, reacted to the announcement: “We are tremendously disappointed that the vision for 10% of everyday journeys to be made by bike will not be met next year. We now need much greater clarity on what the government proposes to do to fulfil that vision and by when.

“A great deal of effort has been made by many organisations to encourage more people to cycle. Whilst the increased budget for active travel was widely welcomed, this announcement shows just how much more action is needed to meet the vision anytime soon.”

According to the charity, only 4% of everyday journeys are currently made by bike in Scotland. Cycling UK is calling for the government to make additional funding available to progress all viable ‘Place for Everyone’ bids immediately due to the time it takes to lay tarmac on cycle routes and for people to start using them.

Densham added: “We commend the government’s vision but it is action that’s needed now to create a network of separated cycle paths across our cities and major towns to enable anyone of any age or ability to cycle, support people to walk safely, improve air quality, reduce congestion and allow our communities to flourish.”

Hayley Everett

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