Cycliq’s Fly12 camera, light and thief deterrent now available to retail

Cycliq’s 400 lumen light and HD camera combination is now available to bike retailers, selling at £249 in the UK. fly12

Designed as an all in one weatherproofed package for commuter cyclists, the device will also link with Strava via its paired smartphone app. USB rechargeable, the device has a 10 hour battery life to ensure the camera stays rolling. 1920 x 1080p HD footage is captured on a looping record to ensure the memory doesn’t quickly clog. A 16GB Class 10 MicroSD card is included in the price.

Jeroen van Zon, Marketing Manager of Cycliq said: “Fly12 is already in the hands of our Kickstarter backers after a second successful funding campaign, and we’re really excited now to be announcing worldwide stock availability this May. Fly12 not only helps us share the joy of cycling with our friends with dynamic Strava overlays, but helps keep us as cyclists and our bikes safe. Our rear facing Fly6 camera has already been used successfully in a number of police and insurance cases involving cyclists and other road users.”

The Fly12 app also features a Bike Alarm.  Once armed, any movement of the bike will set off an audible alarm, start the light flashing and turn on the camera. An alert is then also sent to the paired smartphone notifying the bicycle owner.

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