Deaneasy debuts new tubeless innovations, seeks UK distributor

A new patent-pending creation from Deaneasy claims to have designed out pinch flats and burping associated with tubeless tyres with a new soft polymer insert.

Dubbed the Abs Roc, Deaneasy’s creation is a low-density polymer insert that weighs in at around 190 grams for the 27.5 iteration, though the firm is hopefully to soon be able to shave 30% off that figure in the near future.

Speaking to CyclingIndustry.News at this week’s The Bike Place show, sales manager Stefano Maggiotto said: “This insert will work with very low pressures, entirely eliminating pinch flats and burping on tubeless tyres. What’s more, it will also vastly reduce high frequency vibrations.”

Designed to work alongside latex sealants the Abs Roc package comes in at £150 per wheelset, though single wheel strips are also available. Three versions will initially be available, catering for XC, enduro and e-Bike/Plus size, though further developments are already in the pipeline.

Further to the Abs Roc, Deaneasy has introduced an alternative to tubeless tape, debuting the TNT system – a series of air tight plugs for spoke and valve holes. Once installed, the plugs air said to tip the scales at a similar weight to a single layer of thin tube tape, but with the greater advantages.

Able to be used on carbon and welded rims, the TNT system is delivered in four sizes to cover 90% of the rims on the market, each of which is quickly installed via a supplied tool. Resisting high pressures, the plugs prevent sealant from ever making it into the rim.

Shops are able to buy bags of 70 plugs at €25 to cover a wheelset, or a bulk quantity in order to service multiple customers.

Deaneasy’s products are available to shops to tryout via Italian label specialist sales agent Mark Chambers, contactable on +44 (0) 791 7747232.