DT Swiss chalks double digit growth driven by aftermarket wheel spike

DT Swiss has recorded “low double digit percentage growth” year-on-year, driven largely by the firm’s wheels business.

Speaking to CyclingIndustry.News this week, Chief Product Officer Daniel Berger explained that the business has levelled the playing field when it comes to value for money and has as such seen a spike in aftermarket sales growth.

“At the moment growth has stemmed from wheels, followed by individual hubs and rims,” explained Berger. “Our OEM trade has remained very steady, but we’ve seen a huge growth in sales of these goods in the aftermarket.”

The growth has been underpinned by added human resource available to the manufacturer, again described as low double digit growth. This, alongside investment in logistics improvements, delivery and service has aided the firm’s international partners in developing stock holding and sales.

In July of last year the firm significantly built upon its production capacity with an extension of its Polish manufacturing plant. With this expansion over 80 new working places were created, which gives the firm capacity for over 300 employees.

“We have all wheels you need today to cover all the needs of the different segments in high-end quality and performance. MTB, from DH to XC; road, from aero to endurance and cross, as well as E MTB, which we cover with our new Hybrid line. All the wheels offer a great price to performance value, are delivered on time in a constant quality and offer a fast service all over the world. Everyday new wheel brands are born but few with DT’s reliable service.”

Asked if any lines in particular had bolstered DT’s position in the market, Berger pointed to DT’s work with aerodynamic engineers at Swiss Side, as well as sponsored Ironman athlete Daniela Ryf. These investments, concludes Berger, have elevated the brand’s aerodynamic offerings in tests to the point where DT can back a claim to be one of the two leaders in the field of bicycle wheel aerodynamics with hard evidence.

DT Swiss is carried in the UK by Madison.