Ebike Future Conference invites cycling biz to tune in free

The Ebike Future Conference will return online later this month, airing free of charge to those wishing to sign up.

Drawing on the expertise of over 20 leaders in the electric bike business, the online series will run October 26th to 30th, offering up insight on topics ranging starting your own electric bike based business, through to what’s driving innovation in the marketplace. There will even be talks on the hot topic of e-Bike legislation, which has in recent weeks been revealed to be under the microscope with the European Commission.

This year’s speakers are drawn from around the globe and include:

  • MIT researcher Naroa Coretti Sanchéz
  • Pedego co-founder Don DiCostanzo
  • Founder of the Light Electric Vehicle Association Ed Benjamin.
  • Transportation Designer at Rose Bikes Daniel Frintz
  • Romain Erny, the Director of Mobility and Space of Choose Paris Region
  • Niklas Etzal, co-founder of Experify
  • Michael Barnard, Chief Strategist at TFIE Strategy Inc
  • Kresimir Hlede, Chief Operating Officer of Greyp Bikes
  • Scott Montgomery, Founder of CrankTank
  • Thorsten Heckrath-Rose, MD at Rose Bikes
  • Richard Chen, Ask Bicycles of China
  • Alec Lim, CEO of Beno Technologies
  • Danielle Cheng, long-term partnership development at OKAI, China
  • Rafael Gil-Perez, Brand Manager at Forestal
  • Peter Bilik, Smart Industry Solution Designer at ANASOFT
  • Louis-P Huard, Co-founder at Boréal Bikes
  • Simon Fellin, CEO at Teleport Mobility
  • Michael Mueller, Managing Director ISOCO Plastics Technology
  • Jakub Ditrich, Head of delegation for 4210-1 at ISO
  • Stefan Ceman, Founder and CEO of Ebike Steve Inc

The Ebike Future Conference organiser will also offer up a premium pass for those who wish to recap on presentations once they have run, whether in video, transcript or audio format. Other benefits will include access to a private networking group, the option to submit questions as part of a live panel discussion. This option carries a cost of $997, though has a limited time early bird sign up of $97.