ElliptiGo links Velofix for service in regions without a bike retail partner

ElliptiGO has partnered Velofix to ensure customers in regions without a bike retail partner can receive a high quality service for their ellipitcal bicycle.

With the continued expansion of the ElliptiGO product line, most recently with two new models, the Arc 3 and the Arc 24, the ElliptiGO customer base has grown at an increasing pace. The company continues to partner with retailers in the specialty bike, specialty run and specialty fitness channels.

While the ElliptiGO retail network includes 271 specialty retail partners, many of those locations do not have a dedicated service technician on hand at all times, hence the label’s latest link up. With 19,000+ ElliptiGO bikes now said to be on the road a service partner has become increasingly necessary.

As Bryce Whiting, VP of Global Sales for ElliptiGO, said: “Our goal has always been to exceed customer expectations by partnering with the best retail partners in our sales channels. This partnership with Velofix allows us to service customers in the numerous areas where we have a specialty run or fitness retail partner, but don’t have a specialty bike retailer. It also expands service coverage to many areas of the country where we currently don’t have any retail partner. We are very proud and excited about the growth we are experiencing, and that includes our latest partnership with a company as cutting edge as Velofix. Today’s omni-channel retail landscape is evolving rapidly, and this partnership demonstrates that Velofix and ElliptiGO are in the forefront of that evolution.”