Endurance Sports Coalition calls on congress for relief for tri and cycling event organisers

The events industry was among the very first hit by the Covid-19 outbreak and the sector has now united in the US to ask for help from Congress.

The Endurance Sports Coalition is made up of cycling, running, triathlon and OCR event organisers, representing around 500,000 jobs and $2 billion in economic impact from approximately 50,000 events.

“Our industry will see sustained impacts” warned the coalition, made up of the businesses and organisations behind Ironman, USA Triathlon, Spartan Race and others. It is believed to be the first time such a coalition has been formed between endurance sports organisers and the door is open to more to join it, to leverage their combined power to ensure their voices are heard in Washington.

“[We’re} asking Congress to provide critical funding and relief to ensure we can continue to deliver events in the future: benefiting public health, driving economic impact, creating and protecting jobs and bringing people together.”

There are more details online.