EU institution is the third to call for ring fencing of 10% of transport funds for cycling

The Committee of Regions consultative body has thrown further weight behind a European Parliament and Council call to ringfence 10% of the EU’s transport funds for cycling.

Kevin Peel, A Manchester City councilor and Labour representative in the North West of England for CoR has gained majority backing in the COTER Commission in support of this proposal, among others, which will now require final approval in the CoR plenary, taking place in October.

Adding weight to the need for a EU Cycling strategy, the CoR report recommends of the EU accommodation for cycling in every new infrastructure project, with the creation of minimum cycling infrastructure quality guidelines an essential development. Combined with funding, it is hoped this may help achieve a doubling in cycle use in the next ten years.

The same has been asked of the UK’s transport minister, who thus far has made no such commitment to specific design standards for cycling.

Further recommendations of the report include:

  • Support for EuroVelo – the long-distance cycle network in the Trans-European Network.
  • Speed management improvements whereby urban areas would see 20mph as a default speed limit.
  • Consideration for cycling within the next revision of the EU’s Green Public Procurement
  • A unified approach to national data collection in order to further help local and national authorities understand best practice models
  • Road safety education beginning in school with specific focus on benefits of cycling and safety techniques
  • For the Commission to support a clearing house, which will become an archive resource for local and regional authorities to access best practice, case studies, reports and funding avenues

For more information, head over to the European Cyclists Federation.