Felt issues precautionary recall on e-bike models

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BikeRadar reports that Felt has issued a precautionary recall on selected electric bike lines as a result of an internal cable routing problem.

Though highly unlikely to result in accidents, the recall notice speaks of friction created by cabling rubbing against the steerer tube of the fork.

Affected models include Felt’s:

  • 2013 VERZAe 10, VERZAe 20, VERZAe 30 2014 VERZAe 10, VERZAe 20, VERZAe 30 2014 NINEe 20, NINEe30
  • 2014 QXe 85-EQ, QXe 90-EQ, QXe 100-EQ 2015 VERZAe 10, VERZAe 20, VERZAe30 2015 NINEe 20, NINEe 30
  • 2015 LEBOWSKe
  • 2015 DUALe 10
  • 2015 QXe 95
  • 2015 QXe 85-EQ, QXe 90-EQ, QXe 100-EQ

Consumers with any of the above bikes can return their bike to their felt dealer. A skid tape will be applied to the steerer tube of those bikes affected, reducing wear and further complications.

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