European Commission expresses intent to impose anti-dumping duties on China’s e-bikes

The European Commission is looking increasingly likely to impose anti-dumping duties on e-bikes imported from China to the EU.

While the final decision has yet to be made, the Commission has now disclosed its intention to impose duties on electric bikes from the territory, following an anti-dumping investigation initiated in October 2017, originally launched thanks to a complaint from the European Bicycle Manufacturers Association (EBMA) lodged in September 2017.

Interested parties still have chance to have a say, until 26 November.

The Commission said: “In view of the conclusions reached with regard to dumping, injury, causation and Union interest, definitive anti-dumping measures should be imposed in order to prevent further injury being caused to the Union industry by the dumped imports of the product concerned.”

“Proposed duties will exacerbate the damage already done to European importers”

Previous reports have provided evidence that provisional anti-dumping duties impact on import levels into the UK.

LEVA has poured scorn on the judgement, stating that ‘dark days [lay] ahead’. It said: “The Collective of European Importers of Electric Bicycles will comment on the content of this disclosure document upon careful analysis.

“However, the Collective already wishes to state now that if the Commission is to go ahead with the proposed anti-dumping duties, this will exacerbate the damage already done to European importers and mark the start of dark days for the whole European electric bicycle sector and for all EU citizens who are using or intend to use an electric bike.”

The EBMA was more positive. Moreno Fioravanti, Secretary General of the European Bicycle Manufacturers Association (EBMA) said: “The EBMA applauds today’s European Commission disclosure of its intent to impose definitive anti-dumping measures on e-bikes imported from China. Together with the earlier disclosure of the Commission’s intent to impose anti-subsidy measures, the total additional duties are likely to reach 18.8 % to 79.3 %. The Commission’s investigations have now proven the existence of dumping, subsidies and injury to European e-bike  manufacturers, as Chinese e-bikes have flooded the EU at an alarming rate and artificially low prices. The concealed costs of Chinese e-bikes and the injury to European industry and jobs are now revealed.

“Definitive trade defence measures will shield 90,000 EU workers and over 800 SMEs against unfair competition from China.”

Previously, the EBMA withdrew its support for the retroactive collection of duties for e-bikes from China.

The Commission’s disclosure document sets out the level of anti-dumping duty it intends to stamp on specific e-bike manufacturers, including Giant Electric Vehicle, Bodo Vehicle Group, Jinhua Vision Industry, Suzhou Rununion Motivity and Yadea Technology Group.