European electric bike importer collective forms to contest EBMA anti-dumping complaints

European electric bike importers are gathering as part of a new collective voice with the target to counter a case made by the European Bicycle Manufacturer’s Association on dumping duties from the far east.

Now north of 20 companies strong and growing, the “Collective of European Importers of Electric Bicycles” is rallying support from EU member states and inviting others to join its argument against the EBMA complaint, the back story of which is traceable here.

The EBMA’s argument, as submitted to the European Commission, claims injury to European manufacturers of electric bike goods as the direct result of cheap imports on to the continent from Asia, in particular China.

Already under scrutiny by Bafang, among other interested parties in Asia, the EBMA’s submission making a case for duties has thus far witnessed a handful of points made in favour of duties picked apart. There has however been movement on the issue since the complaint was made, with a wider-ranging anti-dumping methodology published by the European Parliament earlier this month.

A 14-page open document, stemming from the newly-formed collective, can now be read in full here.

In summary, the document echoes some of Bafang’s complaints and moves to inform the European Commission “of well-founded reasons for imposing an anti-dumping duty on electric bicycles imported from China and at explaining the negative consequences for the European Union that would result from such a measure.”

It also concludes much along the same lines, describing “evidence for dumping, injury and casual link” as “feeble and unconvincing”.

One argument within relating to price point complaints reads: “The Collective has strong suspicions that this Complaint is based on the ultimate objective to create a hidden non-tariff trade barrier rather than tackling a real illicit trade practice. Complainant represents companies, which to a large extent are active in mid- and high-range electric bicycles. There is a however also a considerable market for lower-range products. The companies supporting the Complaint aim to prevent non-EU producers to supply this market. Furthermore, should anti-dumping duties be imposed, this will ensure that Chinese producers are also prevented from being active in the mid- and high-range market since, as a result of the anti-dumping duties, Chinese producers will no longer be able to supply a competitive product in any of these ranges.”

The hub for the collective is the European arm of the Light Electric Vehicle Association, who offer interested parties a point of contact here.