Fazua acquires hub motor manufacturer Innotorq

Fazua has signed an agreement to take over fellow Munich-based business Innotorq, a maker of light weight hub motors and smart sensors.

SazBike reports that Fazua will take over all commercial activities of the business after the founders, known to each other from time shared at an electric bike start up a decade ago, came to an agreement to merge the business into Fazua.

Innotorq’s drive system has been designed with electric bikes in mind, but has also been deployed to be used within rehab systems for people looking to recover from injury. The firm’s patented Innotorq sensor is designed to calculate in real time pedal force data, which in turn determines an assistance level delivered in tandem for a seamless experience.

As for the hub motor, Innotorq’s offering tips the scales at just 1.9kg, making it among the lightest hub drives on the market. This is part down to the size; it measures just slightly larger than a regular bicycle hub.

Fabian Reuter, co-founder and managing director of Fazua said: “By integrating Innotorq into our product range, we can further expand our offer for e-bike manufacturers and their riders.”

Bernhard Gutmann, founder and managing director of Innotorq, added: “With Innotorq’s strength in complementary segments, this merger will put Fazua in an even stronger position as one of the leading providers of lightweight e-bike systems.”

The addition of a hub motor option gives Fazua a new avenue to explore with OEMs, aside to the mid-motor products for which it has been in incredibly high demand.