Fazua launch new Ride 50 Trail / Street Drive System

Fazua have announced the launch of its new Ride 50 Trail/ Street drive system, with an increase of 10% in power, increased motor efficiency and 6% less weight than the RIDE 50 Evation model.

The new drive system features a new freewheel with 67% more teeth which noticeably increases the engagement time. The total Ride 50 Trail/Street system weighs in at around 4.4kg with a maximum torque of 58nm and maximum power of 300W/350W. It features a battery capacity of 252Wh. Additionally, engineers developed and designed specific cooling radiators on the drivepack.

The Fazua Ride 50 Trail is dedicated to off road category E-Bikes where the Ride 50 Street model is dedicated to road and urban category E-Bikes. The Ride 50 Trail uses radiant cooling for the lower speed cycling uphill on rougher terrain. For the faster speeds on roads, the Ride 50 Street requires airflow cooling.

Fazua has also announced that it plans to offer an upgrade solution to the new Ride 50 Trail or the Ride 50 Street for current Fazua Ride 50 Evation riders later this year.

More information can be found on the company website here.

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