Gazelle opens California branch to bring about U.S. “cultural change”

Gazelle has opened an office in California, outlining that it feels the brand can play a part in bringing about “cultural change” on the west coast and beyond.

Gazelle presently has 60 dealers in the United States and the firm says that it is now looking to broaden its reach alongside dealers specialising in bicycles for transport.

“Gazelle is just a small brand. We therefore start modestly with the opening of a branch in Santa Cruz in California, where the sense of sustainability is present and the Dutch cycling culture already got foot to the ground. The infrastructure here is better prepared for cyclists. From there we want to take further steps, “said spokesman Ferdi Ertekin Koninklijke Gazelle.

“The focus is on marketing and experience. We will roll out demo trucks to farmers’ markets and events that focus on healthy living. We think the electric bike can help Americans get moving. We present these as an alternative to car trips, many of which are also fine by bicycle. With increasing pressure on the transport network it is necessary to look for alternatives. With demos we shall point out the advantages of the e-bike.”

Gazelle also hopes to change the image of cycling, from a sport, to more of an every day transport option.

“We will position the bike in a new way. Enjoy nature and environment, enjoy the ride. That is our story. With the e-bike, which anyway has less sporty character, we are able to do so,” concluded spokesman Ertekin.