Germany leads the charge as Europe’s electric bike market breaks 3 million units

The latest statistics from LEVA-EU indicate the e-Bike market has grown again, with Germany snapping up the majority of sales.

While not all national results are yet known, LEVA-EU’s initial findings show the total sales of e-Bikes in Europe will likely surpass three million. According to LEVA-EU, German electric bike sales breached the one million milestone for the first time, with LEVA-EU noting “there is little doubt that the one and a half million mark will be exceeded this year.”

The German e-Bike market saw electric mountain bike rise almost 47% (to just under 360,000 units) and by 24% in Switzerland to 50,000, LEVA-EU added. Other key e-MTB territories – like Austria and France – are still outstanding. Revenue was understandably up in Germany too.

The speed pedelec market is growing in Belgium, which has amended its traffic code to accommodate them: “The traffic rules for speed pedelecs are fairly clear. Moreover, speed pedelec commuters can enjoy a compensation of up to € 0.24 per km, tax-free. In the past year, 106 test riders commuted on a speed pedelec for 3 weeks in a row in the framework of the 365SNEL project. They covered an average of 21.6 km a day. So, this can result in more than € 1,300 extra per year, tax-free.

“A total of 13,154 were sold in Belgium, that is 54.4% more than in 2018. Germany and the Netherlands, respectively second and third market are a lot smaller and unstable.”