Herrmans reveals five year plan following rebrand

Herrmans has undergone a rebrand as part of the firm’s new five year strategy.

Producing since 1959 and drawing on expertise from sister company Nordic Lights, the Finnish OEM has undergone a restructuring since taking on a new CEO two years ago. This has resulted in a streamlining of SKUs and a refocusing on developing both branded and unbranded heavy-duty goods for the cycling business’s manufacturers.

Earlier this year, Herrmans received a Design & Innovation award at the Taipei International Cycle Show for its revolutionary light, H-BLACK PRO, a successful example of automotive technology applied to the bicycle industry. The story continues, as this fall Herrmans will launch H-BLACK MR8, a stylish and affordable front light with a superior light pattern.

“We have strong high-tech expertise at Herrmans, and I am extremely proud of our extraordinary staff who work hard for the success we experience. We are a reliable and sustainable company that is constantly creating inventive premium products in line with our new business strategy. I am greatly looking forward to leading the company in these upcoming five years,” says CEO Tom Nordström.