New Motion Labs claims “big breakthrough” in chain performance

New Motion Labs has come to market with what it says is a “big breakthrough” in chain technology with the launch of its Link Drive system.

The Link Drive technology uses a new method of dual engagement to distribute transferred power “much more effectively than a traditional roller chain.” The result, says CEO Marcel Fowler, is “a step-change increase in efficiency, lifetime and miniaturisation, as well as reduced noise and need for maintenance.” For the performance chasers, it’s also said to be smaller and lighter than a traditional chain.

The unique selling point of the claim is based around the firm’s dual engagement, which it says increases the contact and overall distribution of pedal output, which has benefits beyond just output performance.

With two contact points making firm contact with the sprocket on its system, the Link Drive achieves a maximised power output, as opposed to pushing 60% a claimed of the power through just a single contact point as traditional systems are said to do.

Spreading the distribution of force, the firm says the miniaturisation of the system (and thus reduction in weight) is a key benefit in performance terms, but also makes it very well suited to electric bike systems which place higher torque through that single point, ultimately meaning a beefing up of the components rather than a reduction in size and weight. New Motion Labs thus claim that its system suffers less wear and tear over time on both the chain and sprocket.

“The Link Drive solves all of these problems, employing dual engagement to distribute power much more effectively; increasing efficiency, lifetime and enabling miniaturisation of the chain. Plus, this revolutionised technology doesn’t require a special drive-train – it can be used with standard gear systems, is smaller and lighter than both roller chains and belt drives, and doesn’t require regular maintenance. What’s not to like?” said Fowler.

For those looking at the system and wondering about compatibility, New Motion Labs has engineered its product to be fitted to existing drivetrain technology on the market.

Cycle Systems Academy boss Sean Lally, recently a guest alongside Graeme Freestone King on the CI.N Podcast, interviewed Marcel Fowler, New Motion Labs’ CEO for the CSA podcast.

The Link Drive – Dual Engagement in chain drives from New Motion Labs on Vimeo.