IMBA Europe board reshuffles, new president appointed

During IMBA’s recent Agueda summit the mountain biking organisation undertook an “almost complete transition” of its board, as well as introducing a new president.

Having served for almost five years Harold Veldkamp passed the torch to new president Thomas Larsen Schmidt, who outlined that the summits continue to serve as an excellent platform for passing on best practice knowledge.

“We’re really proud of the quality of this summit that brought all aspects of mountain biking together,” said Schmidt. “(the Summit achieves) Great quality of speakers and in-depth discussions about sustainable MTB development, the need for a strong voice to represent mountain bikers interest at all levels but foremost, the huge potential to grow mountain biking on the EU level. The municipality of Agueda has showed great hospitality and an clear ambition to become Portugal’s next MTB destination. With a new bike park that could become the model for other municipalities to follow and a beautiful countryside that has great potential for further development, we’re sure that we just had our summit in one of the most MTB friendly communities we have seen so far.”

Veldkamp, prior to his departure, also appointed Mike van Abel as IMBA Europe’s first honorary board member. Van Abel has formerly held the role of IMBA US executive director, a role which he gave up last September.

Elsewhere, Edoardo Melchiori from Italy was elected as treasurer and Raymond Cheminal, representing Mountain Bikers Foundation from France, as regular board member.

In other news, the number of members involved with IMBA swelled, with the UK’s Cycling UK, DIMB (GER), Cykelfrämjandet (SWE) and Insamlingstiftelsen Skånsk MTB Utveckling (SWE) all approved.