Independent bike shop buying group proposed for UK market

Visitors to The Bike Place may have noted a single pull up banner by the IBG – a proposed new buying group for the UK independent dealer.

CyclingIndustry.News has spoken to the dealer behind the proposal who believes the independent bike dealers of the UK are overdue a coming together.

“It works in countless other industries. Many corner shops up and down the country fall under one buying group, so why not the bike market?”

Indeed such a thing already exists in the bicycle industry with Germany’s ZEG which controls more than $2 billion in trade for its cooperative members.

Outlining the advantages, the IBG is looking to pool together independent bike shop resources to achieve:

  • Preferential buying
  • Achievable minimum order values
  • Access to previously difficult to reach product portfolios
  • Consolidated supplier accounts
  • In store promotions
  • A regular events programme
  • An approved supplier guide

Dealers looking to find out more are asked to send their shop name and contact details to