Isla Rowntree steps down as head of Islabikes after 15 years

Isla Rowntree has announced that she is stepping back from her role at the head of Islabikes, the Ludlow based company she founded in 2006.

Isla’s first employee Tim Goodall has taken over as Managing Director and will shortly become the majority owner of Islabikes, with Isla retaining the remaining shares.

Goodall joined Islabikes as a bike builder and quickly became a student of bikes and business. He has since been instrumental in setting the vision, strategy, and values of the business

Isla Rowntree said: “It has long been my ambition to build a lasting company, so passing on the baton to someone who shares my values has been of the utmost importance. I firmly believe in businesses being a force for good; a vehicle for individuals to have a greater positive impact on society than we usually can alone”

Tim Goodall said: “The humble bicycle is a phenomenally efficient vehicle that can benefit our towns and cities. We are at the consumer end of this, and with thoughtful design we can play a small part in encouraging people to cycle more – that is why Islabikes was founded, and it is why we will remain relentlessly focused on designing bikes that remove barriers to cycling”.

The company was launched with the aim of providing a better cycling experience for children. Islabikes prides itself on transforming cycling for those not catered for by others; for those considered outliers yet combined make up the majority.