Japanese gaming company invests in Zwift

Japanese gaming company COLOPL has invested an undisclosed sum in virtual reality cycle training platform Zwift.

Having recently established a $50 million fund to support virtual reality companies, COLOPL has targetted Zwift as the firm begins to look at mobile offerings.

“Zwift is a product with potential in the growing fitness tech market,” says Naruatsu Baba, president and CEO of COLOPL. “Zwift’s focus on mobile as an increasingly vital interface in their gaming experience holds a lot of promise.”

“COLOPL is a leader in mobile gaming and entertainment,” adds Zwift CEO and cofounder Eric Min. “Their investment in Zwift will not only allow us to realize our own vision more fully, but will open us up to expertise from one of the best in the business.”

Zwift recently collaborated with women’s cycling team Canyon-SRAM to host an online ‘talent unearthing’. During a live ride with Zwift users the virtual reality firm was tracking those riding with the team. Those keeping the pace were handed further opportunity to prove themselves with the possibility of becoming part of the team.