Triple Tread goes to CrowdCube with trike designed for elderly and disabled cyclists

A new patent-pending Trike, dubbed the Triple Tread, is now live on CrowdCube where it seeks to raise £120,000 to bring to market a vehicle designed specifically to meet the needs of disabled or elderly riders.

Designed in Cheshire by Mark Harrison, the project has been bootstrapped by its founders and taken three years of design, technical development and testing of several prototype models. The need to overcome a fundamental steering problem associated with all tadpole trikes (with two front wheels) has created “Tiltrahedron” steering; the basis of Triple Tread patent application.

Harrison is himself a sufferer of Multiple Sclerosis and as such required a bicycle that would assist with his balance, but with the aim to retain some level of performance.

Harrison said: “Paralympian athletes along with their cool technologies were inspirational to us starting the Triple Tread project. It wasn’t planned, but it seems appropriate timing as the 2016 Paralympic games and Tour of Britain begins that we should start our race for funding.”

The build has potential to accommodate and electric motor for those requiring assistance as the inclines steepen.

Should the crowd funding prove a success, the brand is looking to pair with Pacific Cycles to begin production in 2017.