Le Col offers investors 20% of business in £1m crowdfund drive

Cycling apparel label Le Col is half way to meeting a £1 million crowd equity drive to drive the business into new countries and dealers around the globe.

Coming to market in 2009, the firm acquired its own factory following organic growth and has since gone on to rack up revenue just shy of £1 million from its operations in the UK, Italy, and USA.

“Le Col is more than a great investment opportunity. It’s a chance for people to own the lifestyle and buy into an ethos of quality, authenticity and dedication. You can be part of an organisation delivering the most premium, state of the art cycling apparel on the market.” Yanto Barker, Le Col founder.

At the present time the firm has 108 investors and £549,150 in the bank. Those interested in assessing whether Le Col is a good investment for them can visit the CrowdCube here.