Local Bike Shop Day could go virtual on 2 May 2020

Even though bike shops have been given the all clear to continue to operate during the UK’s coronavirus lockdown (not all nations are the same on this point), clearly trying to encourage more customers into any shop is probably not wise while we are trying to social distance and relieve the pressure on the NHS.

90% of respondents to a survey by the ACT felt the same way and the organisation has now confirmed Local Bike Shop Day 2020 will be postponed.

The ACT said the decision was not taken lightly, with bike shops that had signed up having the final say through the aforementioned survey. Partners were also in agreement, including Cyclescheme, Insync, Freewheel and Cycling UK.

While there is a clear month in mind to postpone the event to, based on the survey and in conversation with partners, the ACT will work finalise the date shortly.

According to the poll, some retailers and suppliers are in favour of a Virtual Local Bike Shop Day on the originally planned date of 2 May. Suggestions on how that could work should be directed to info@theact.org.uk.

In the meantime the ACT have published the latest information and advice tailored specifically for specialist cycle retailers at cycleassociation.uk/covid-19.

The resources section contains specific advice for retailers choosing to remain open and operational advice for mobile mechanics has also been issued.

There are further resources regarding staying open during the Covid-19 lockdown here.