Look links Vibram for new flat pedal line

Known as the creator of the true clipless pedal, Look has this week launched a range of urban and trail-suited flat pedals in collaboration with Vibram.

Made in France, the Geo City Grip and Trail Grip lines are based around a pedal to shoe connection that utilises Look Activ Grip Technology by Vibram. To mark the launch and in true Look fashion, the line is vibrant, delivered in colourful zesty lime, racing red or camo iterations, as well as in plain black.

The covers are made from flexible rubber and are created with the exclusive technology. The Geo City Grip has grooves of different heights and orientations on the rubber to ensure a safer, more comfortable position on the pedal, and neatly positioned water-draining channels.

Meanwhile, the Trail Grip has instead broad rubber lugs to give stability to the foot, and durability to the pedal for the demands of any terrain.

A separate add on released under the Geo City Vision banner will integrate two lights into each pedal, offering 20 hours of output on modes ranging night, day and eco. Easily attached to the pedal through a smart magnetic locking system, the lights are fully proofed against downpours with an IPX 7 Waterproof rating.

For riders looking for a value-based flat pedal, a more affordable GEO City pedal is also available. Composite studs replace the Look Activ Grip to keep the shoes firmly in place, and reflectors in the front and rear add increased visibility.

Alexandre Lavaud, Pedal Product Manager at LOOK said: “We are truly excited today to be revealing our latest collection all made in our manufacturing facilities in France. Our partnership with Vibram has enabled us to create the safest and most stylish flat pedals ever: a unique new collection to enter a new market!”

Nicoletta Di Vita, Global Sales Director at Vibram said: “We are honored that LOOK chose us as partners for such an innovative project. LOOK is the inventor and market leader for clipless pedals and high-end carbon accessories and frames. Vibram is a recognized leader in the world of rubber soles. With this innovative and exciting partnership we expand our brand into a new market today, alongside a recognized leader in the cycling industry who is once again bringing innovative and stylish solutions to riders globally.”

Look products are distributed in the UK via ZyroFisher. Retail prices (in €) for each line are as follows:
GEO City Grip Vision: €119.90
GEO City Grip: €59.90
Trail Grip: €59.90
GEO City: €29.90