Moore Large launches SureShift to make changing gears easier for kids

Launched at this year’s Corebike show, Moore Large unveiled its new house brand SureShift with the aim to make changing gears easier for children.

Working with the Shimano M310 and M315 shifters, SureShift is a rubber device that slides over the ‘up’ action trigger, creating a larger surface area that reduces the shifters tension and shortens its leverage arc. This addition is designed to simplify the process of changing gear, making it more comfortable and easier to explain due to its bright, easily identifiable colour and tactile material.

Laura Ryan, who manages Moore Large’s Cuda Bikes brand, has been overseeing the SureShift project: “Gear changing is something we have always wanted to improve on children’s bikes and after working with our Cuda Bikes Crew and their parents the idea to add to the surface area of a current Shimano shifter came about,” she said.

“It’s a simple but effective solution and after testing the idea we found it was not only the bigger leverage but the bright colour that made changing gear easier, it also makes the shifters easy to distinguish between each other.”

Adam Garner, Brand Director, added: “We’ve been working in the children’s cycling market for almost as long as the company has been in business; the children’s market has evolved somewhat over recent years and new and innovative products have been coming onto the market.

“We are very lucky to have talented individuals here that care about the growth and development of the children’s cycling and can design and produce this innovative product to solve a problem that’s existed for some time. The SureShift brand has been born and the journey is far from over, stay tuned for more exciting products to come.”

The first production will be for UK dealers only, with stock available now. International distributors and anyone with OEM interest can contact for relevant information.

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