Moore Large moves to position Forme as perfect bike label for UK conditions

Moore Large has launched a campaign to position Forme Bicycles as the right choice for the UK consumer and notoriously mucky terrain.

Set to spend £10,000 per quarter, the distributor is putting into motion plans revealed earlier this year to reposition its house brands to aggressively target the UK consumer, as well as support its dealerbase in sell through.

With emphasis on social media, in particular Facebook campaigns, the distributor is to support its dealerbase geographically, ensuring the bikes are available where the ads appear. The distributor will also collect customer data to allow its dealerbase to further effectively reach customers.

Furthermore, blog posts with family friendly cycling tips, buying advice and maintenance tips will be shared widely.

Dubbed ‘Made by the UK’, the campaign comes in collaboration with an award winning agency. Placing emphasis on the design and testing’s UK roots, the campaign doesn’t shy away from the UK’s often uninspiring weather and will instead promote Forme as the brand to thrive under difficult conditions.

Moore Large say of the campaign: “From our office in Derbyshire we are just a short ride away from the Peak District. Both the dark and white peak areas of this district offer huge diversity and we continue to take our inspiration from some of the best riding scenery in the world. Our passion for UK riding has been displayed on each of our models; hence the name selections such as Longcliffe, a notorious interval climb.

“The Longcliffe road range offers mudguard clearance for our unpredictable British weather, an excellent choice of strong rims to combat our well used roads and sealed bearing hubs keeping the rider rolling regardless of whatever the seasons throw at them.”