Muc-Off launches three new eBike maintenance kits

Muc-Off have announced that it will be adding three new eBike kits to its growing range of products; designed specifically for motor-driven machines.

Alex Trimnell, CEO at Muc-Off, said: “We’re stoked to be expanding our eBike range with these new kits, and with a wide range of options available, anyone and everyone can get out there and explore what the world of eBiking has to offer!”

Andrew Syme, Head of Product Development, said: “We’ve invested a serious amount of time and resource into testing how well our products perform on eBikes. We identified early on, the high torque loads on an e-bike will wear down the chain much quicker than on a normal bike due to the increased and instant surges in power from the motor. Our e-bike specific Lubes were developed to combat this with their unique blend of synthetic oils and a high level of bespoke additives and Boron Nitride. Using our eBike lubes after cleaning and protecting your eBike will not only help prevent damage and wear to expensive drivetrain components, but also keeps them running smoothly and at peak performance”

The three new kits are: eBike Ultimate kit, eBike Essential kit and eBike CPL (Clean, Protect, Lube) kit. They each feature a carefully curated range of products, so riders of all levels are covered, regardless of where, and how often they ride. The Ultimate Kit is designed for the eBike enthusiast, with cleaner, brushes, multiple lubricants and more. The Essentials Kit provides a variety of cleaning and lubes suitable for riding in all weather conditions; and the eBike CPL Kit contains the absolute ‘must-haves’ – four core Clean, Protect and Lube products that will keep everything running smoothly mile after mile.

To celebrate the launch of the new kits, Muc-Off have produced a computer game-themed launch video featuring its new fan-favourite Chopper Fielder, as well as a highly-addictive ‘Wheelie’ game. Hosted on, the user who achieves the longest wheelie at the end of the campaign will win a Lapierre eZesty AM 9.2, plus a year’s supply of Muc-Off.

The eBike kits will be priced at £24.99/€29.99 for the CPL Kit, £39.99/€49.99 for the Essentials Kit, and £89.99/€109.99 for the Ultimate Kit. The Essential kit and CPL kit are available now through Muc-Off’s global dealer network; with the Ultimate kit following on the 8th October.

The launch comes in addition to this month’s Ludicrous chain lube launch, which claims to be the markets “fastest”.

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