NBDA, SMS and HPS collaborate on new U.S. consumer Bicycle Buying report

The National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA), Sports Marketing Surveys and market researchers at Human Powered Solutions have announced the creation of the NBDA Bicycle Buying 2021 study, a major piece of consumer research qualifying post COVID-19 bicycle buying habits.

“To our knowledge, this is the first Primary Consumer research study of this size and scope done in the U.S. since 2014. It is conducted and presented by the NBDA with the research done by Sports Marketing Surveys, who will also provide their insights along with the analysis of the research provided by Human Powered Solutions,” said Heather Mason, President of the NBDA in making the announcement.

“The key insights the segmentation study will quantify about post-COVID-19 bicycle and e-bike buying habits of American consumers are vitally important for planning, ranging from…what are the key bicyclist segments in today’s market, to how these segments buy and how do they interact with bike shops?  We will illicit answers from consumer about their bicycle buying habits, and how they have changed during the pandemic and are the changes long term? An important question is how significant is the new cyclist segment, and how big is it – and what is its long-term potential?” added Keith Storey, President of Sports Marketing Surveys (SMS).

“SMS will supervise the conducting of interviews with adult cyclists in the U.S. that will be balanced to represent all adult cyclists by age, gender, income and region. A cluster analysis will be prepared using demographic, behavioral and attitudinal data to create the market segments. The plan is to complete the interviews by the end of August and have the Segmentation Study Report available for distribution by the end of September, first to the Study Sponsors who will receive a special report in recognition of their financial support for the study, followed by standard reports available to NBDA members and anyone who would like to purchase a copy,” said Brad Hughes, managing director of Human Powered Solutions.

“The information we will gain from this consumer study will be vital in helping our industry plan for our future. This data is critical for adequate planning to ensure industry wide continued success.  From today through Friday July 23, we will be focusing on signing up the brands and companies that are interested in taking advantage of the many Benefits this Study provides for Sponsors. If you are interested in finding out more about the Sponsorship Benefits contact me at heather@nbda.com, or call me at 518-847-2419,” concluded Heather Mason, president of the NBDA.

For data relating to the UK bicycle and electric bike retail landscape, CI.N’s annual market research is available here.