Norco recalls kid’s bikes carrying Samox cranksets

Norco has voluntarily recalled selected children’s bicycles sold from 2015 to 2017 and featuring a Samox crankset.

Found to be prone to bending or breakage, bikes carrying the Samox SAC30-111NA square taper cranks in 140mm and 152mm lengths are affected and should be returned to the dealer immediately.

The crank model number AC30 is located on the inside of both crank arms, and the crank length is stamped at the end of each crank arm. Around 1,050 of the bikes affected are believed to have been sold in the USA and 1,750 in Canada.

Included in this recall are 20- and 24-inch wheeled bicycles with the following model names: Storm 2.1, Storm 4.1, Charger 2.1, Charger 4.1, Fluid HT 2.3, Fluid HT 4.3, Fluid FS 2.2, and Fluid FS 4.2. The model name is located on the top tube of the bicycle. These bikes sold from $400 through to $1,700.

For more details visit the CSPC website or and click on Safety Notices.