“One off” bicycle Bomberdrome hits eBay

A unique Wall of Death “Bomberdrome”, as seen in publications such as Boneshaker Magazine, has gone to eBay.

Built in 2012, the Bomberdrome is believed to be “the only example in the UK”, according to the seller, who adds that it represents a huge opportunity to put smiles on people’s faces at events.

The listing reads: “The wall dimensions are roughly, 18′ in the center, 26′ externally, the height is roughly 5′.

“It comes in eight panels that lock together via spigots and bolts, a couple of the spigots could do with looking at in the near future and possibly need a touch of welding and they could all do with being re-tapped for the bolts. There are three steel ropes to hold it altogether and we often run a large ratchet strap around the center for added stability, there are no external supports.”
“Due to the curvature of the individual panels, they WILL NOT fit in a van, luckily it comes with it’s own VERY dubious trailer, which as yet has never let us down.”
Interested? You can view the listing here.