Ortlieb bolsters bikepacking series with the Handlebar-Pack QR

Ortlieb has announced the addition of a new product to its bikepacking series, the Handlebar-Pack QR (Quick Release). The Handlebar-Pack is made in Germany, is waterproof and comes with a patented mounting system, suitable for daily use and adventure biking.

The new fastening system, named the Bar-Lock, enables the waterproof Handlebar-Pack QR to be attached or removed in minimal time. The Bar-Lock rope attachment ensures that the bikepacking bag remains stable on the handlebars, even in rougher terrain. The handlebar bag has an 11-liter volume, weighs just 530 grams, and is loaded from above.

Additionally, its 32-centimeter design means that it can easily in between drop bars and its lateral outer pockets allow small parts to be stowed away and accessed while riding. The optional accessory Handlebar-Pack QR Inner Pocket helps to keep things tidy and creates designated space for storing important items such as cash, credit cards or your mobile phone.

The popularity of bickepacking has risen dramatically along with cycling staycations, as a result of the pandemic. Martin Esslinger, Managing Director of the Heilsbronn-based bag specialist, ORTLIEB, said: “Being on the move has changed as long-distance travel was, and still is, hardly possible. Many have rediscovered their homeland, often by bike, and very often in bikepacking mode. These are small escapes from everyday life — or ‘escape routes’ if you will. With only the bare essentials packed and stored on the bike, one can leave everyday behind and get immersed in nature. Even for a short amount of time.”

The Handlebar-Pack QR will be available for distribution in the UK via Lyon Equipment.