Park and deliver: Electric cargo bike share solution launches

Smart Lock & Dock – an intelligent bike rack – has combined with VUF electric cargo bikes to offer a smart e-cargo bike docking solution for city centres.

The Smart Lock & Dock offers a solution for congested cities and towns to allocate zones that are only permitted to accept cargo deliveries from electric vehicles.

Specific parking areas such as park and ride areas, will be able to install Smart Lock and Dock stations for VUF electric cargo bikes to be rented from.

Normal trucks and vans are able to park and rent an electric cargo bike from the Smart Lock And Dock Intelligent bike stand and transfer the deliveries to the electric cargo bike, these bikes will be authorised to enter the designated zones, after deliveries have been made the cargo bikes would then be returned to a Smart Lock and Dock that has solar powered recharge capabilities included.

Smart Lock and Dock features:

  • Battery life 3years without recharge
  • Smart phone app access rent and return charges and billing.
  • Installation 15 mins only requires four bolts
  • Stand alone device no maintenance required.
  • Price of €480

The Smart Lock and Dock will not only reduce CO2 emissions but will also help to release street space currently occupied with different types of parking stands and bike rental docks.

The system can also be used as an ordinary bike stand without subscribing, by locking your bike with your own lock. Additionally, cities can also use the intelligent bike stand to provide bike-sharing services to its citizens. The company also helps to reduce the amount of bike theft with the Smart Lock and Dock.