Paul Lew joins forces with EDCO, sets out to establish US operation

EDCO Engineering BV has announced that Paul Lew will join the firm as a partner.

Lew, a cycling and carbon innovator, will expand and build the company’s line of cycling components, including its high-performance carbon and alloy wheels.

Lew will work alongside Rob van Hoek, EDCO Engineering BV CEO and owner, who purchased the Swiss cycling components company in 2007.

“We are extremely excited to add the vast experience, and creative mind of Paul Lew to our company,” stated van Hoek. “With his contribution we add a key piece to the puzzle toward building a global leader in innovative cycling wheels and components.  It has been my intention to expand into North America, and with Paul’s leadership we can now take our vision to the next level.”

Working with cycling since 1989, Lew has focused on aerodynamic and carbon fiber technologies. He is best known for his radical Black Hole wheel in the mid-1990s, his breakthrough PRO VT-1 full carbon wheel in the 2000s, and currently his Dispersive Effect Termination aerodynamic wheel designs.

Beginning in 2000, Lew designed, manufactured, and operated unmanned aircraft for multiple U.S. Government Agencies. He currently serves in an advisory role for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration – Unmanned Traffic Management (NASA-UTM), and Skyward, a cloud-based drone operations management tech company.

In 2003, Lew re-designed, and guided in-house manufacturing for the Shimano carbon wheel program, and over his career he’s created wheels for Olympic medalists and World Champions. Lew became Reynolds Cycling’s director of technology and innovation in 2008, directing the design and engineering program until his recent decision to join forces with EDCO.

“Joining EDCO means that I am joining an iconic brand with a professional cycling heritage dating back to 1902,” said Lew.  “Under the leadership of Rob van Hoek, EDCO has made a steady resurgence as an important brand in world of professional cycling. He has a brilliant and curious mind, and he is always pushing for new innovation. We’re excited about pushing the limits of cycling components together!”

In addition to this role with EDCO Engineering BV, Lew will establish US operation as EDCO USA’s CEO to be based in Phoenix, Arizona.

EDCO USA will be a service center, assembly center and American headquarters for the company’s North American operations.