Polaris and Sheffield Hallam Uni’s Bike Pod revamp to debut at The Bike Place

Polaris has linked with Sheffield Hallam University and the Sheffield Institue of Arts to revamp its Bike Pod Pro.

Utilising 3D design and print technologies, the revamp has enabled a number of improvements in both functionality and aesthetics to be made.

Now set for a launch at January’s Bike Place show (register here), the Pod benefits from the skills of student Sam Baker, who has enabled Polaris to not only streamline the prototyping process, but improve both security and mobility.

To be made in the UK, the Pod Pro is just one of many ongoing projects.

Polaris Brand Manager Andy Beach had this to say about the partnership: “We were always confident that a Sheffield Hallam student was going to come to us with high skill levels, given the Institute’s reputation. However, the new methods we have been able to implement thanks to the partnership have allowed us to take significant steps forward in both the Pod’s design and our design process as a whole.”

Sam Baker is the second member of the Sheffield Institute of Arts that Polaris has taken on in the past 12 months.

Conor Moss, Director of Education and Employer Partnerships at Sheffield Hallam, said: “The University is focused on ensuring students graduate with the best possible experience ready to develop their careers and match our talented students with employers. I think Sam’s experience really highlights that interns can have a positive impact for a business and really help them to innovate by putting their learning into practice.”