Project Duo: How important is store lighting to sales?

In the first instalment of our retail improvement collaboration with Project Duo for 2020 the topic of in store lighting is in sharp focus.

Our host, Randal Huntingdon, spends five minutes going over the importance of various types of lighting and how effective placement can first catch people’s attention and latterly help convert the sale, particularly when it comes to clothing sales.

“You know when you wake up in the morning and you look in the mirror and think ‘I look amazing’ and then you walking into a restroom, you look at yourself again and think what the heck happened between home and here; well, it’s simple the answer is lighting. If lighting is wrong in a changing room you are not going to buy that jacket,” says Huntingdon on the subject of setting up your changing room to sell product for you.

Store lighting aside, our last episode talked about the importance of flooring for both channelling customers through the store and telling a story as part of your merchandising.

Finished that video? Why not check out Huntingdon’s expansion on the subject titled “How to create retail spaces that people want to be.