Project Duo: How to create retail spaces where people desire to be

Today we begin a new series of video content on CyclingIndustry.News alongside specialist designers of retail spaces Project Duo. 

Kicking off, CEO Randal Huntington asks “why are people naturally drawn to places like Starbucks and why do they tend to stay long after the coffee has been drunk?”

Calling such businesses “Third Place spaces”, Huntington talks about creating an environment where your customers actively want to hang out.

While that may sound ill-advised if the customer is not spending, we’re talked through six tips to connect the in store experience to sales, all with subtle tweaks to store layout and general atmosphere.

“No matter where you are, be it China or Paris, there’s a familiar retail spaces you can be. Starbucks, for example, mastered the art of third place design, so try to create retail that’s an ideal place for your customer. They pump out coffee smells to create association, there’s no reason why a bike shop cannot have a pine scent present throughout the store,” says the minds behind Bicycle Shop Kits.

Tune in below and look out for more of these retail development videos over the coming weeks. You can connect with over 1,000 others in the trade to discuss developing your store on our trade-only Facebook Group – Cycling Industry Chat – here.