RockGuardz expand range offering a lower price point

UK Carbon Fibre mudguard manufacturer has expended its range to suit a lower price point, offering a New Trade Opportunity. CIN comment: “The exiting RockGuardz product is great for the up and coming mudfest that is a UK winter, a cheaper alternative is a welcome addition to the brand portfolio.”

“RockGuardz introduce  their new mud guard – made completely in the UK and now available to trade accounts at competitive prices.

At RockGuardz we have been making MTB carbon fibre frame protection since 2009, we make nearly 400 different guards and that number is constantly increasing.

We have also been making Carbon fibre Mudguardz and whilst we have in our opinion the most effective product and the best choice, we are limited by our production capability of a hand made product.

What we wanted to do was take our mudguard design and produce it with higher production capability, whilst still being entirely Made in Shropshire, U.K.

In doing this we now produce two Mudguardz, in Shropshire, from a polypropylene injection mould. Sized small and medium the new Mudguardz are designed to fit any bike and fork and are easily fitted with zip ties supplied.


Whilst designing this new product we have improved our original design to achieve maximum tyre clearance, maximum rider mud and water protection in a flexible robust and inexpensive product.

We are super excited about our new product we think we have absolutely nailed the design and also offer a custom sticker kit along side it to provide the customer with a personalised product to match or contrast their current bike. The sticker kit comes in the 7 colours – yellow, red, blue, green, pink, orange and white so can work with any bike on
the market.

Whether you are racing, riding trails or having a blast in the woods with your pals the new PG guards are the perfect mudguards for UK conditions.


Available in selected stores and on-line now

Small PG350 @ £19.99 rrp  
Medium PG450 @ £23.50 rrp    
Combo Pack @ £39.99 rrp      

Sticker kits available in individual colours @ £10.00 rrp    

Contact –  For trade enquiries contact Ian Walker
07764 538537

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